How can we face our greatest fears?

August 13, 2017
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How can we face our greatest fears?

Fear is a natural or normal part of life. And, yet, it is unnatural—it is not part of how God intended life to “normally” be. In the new heaven and earth there will be no more fear. Why? Because there will be no more death or pain or suffering or loss. But in this life it is inevitable that we will face fear. So how can we?

Fear involves a sense of losing control, of having no grip on things. In our Western and modern-day American culture, our fears abound, perhaps, more than ever. This is because we are a culture and people bent on autonomy and freedom, on self-sufficiency, -mastery, and -realization. This means, then, that when we face fear we have no greater source of security or strength to look to other than ourselves. And in our heart we know we are not enough.

To survive our fears of death, pain, suffering, the unknown, a loss off…, etc., we need a larger context and frame of reference for life  than this life, than ourselves. Where should we look to? Who should we look to?


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