Cleansing of the temple

September 24, 2017
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Cleansing of the temple

“Seven Signs” Series. Part 2

What is a temple? It’s a place of worship, a place that orients your life around God. If we say we don’t have a god, we must still realize that everyone serves something ultimate, something or someone they feel will give them everything they need in life for happiness. In this sense, everyone worships. Therefore, everyone has a temple.

One way of discovering what your temple is is by first discovering what your attachments are. What are the things you love the most? What are your thoughts about that surface when you’re doing nothing?

One day Jesus walks into the temple, interrupts rituals, disrupts habits, challenges attachments, and cleanses the temple. John claims that they have seen the glory of God in Jesus Christ. So, what possibly could it mean for John’s readers and for us that God’s glory, incarnated in Jesus, walks into the temple and pronounces both its being destroyed and its being raised?

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