Healing of the official’s son

October 2, 2017
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Healing of the official’s son

“Seven Signs” Series. Part 3

What is the movement of the Gospel on/in the heart? What is Jesus intending to do when he doesn’t meet people’s demands, at least not in the way they expect him to?

The movement begins: away from ourselves and towards Jesus. While Jesus performs miracles, miracles are not the highest thing Jesus is looking to accomplish. Jesus doesn’t immediately nor fully meet this father’s demands. He refuses to be a god made in man’s own image.

The movement continues: out of ourselves and into Christ. Jesus is so full of grace that he responds to our desperation. Our desperation for Jesus, though, is not quite yet the same thing as our believing in Jesus. And Jesus wants us to believe. But believing Jesus is not the same thing as believing in Jesus, as believing into Jesus.

The movement ends/begins: into Christ and into ourselves. Jesus heals the son and saves the father. Are these two separate things? Yes and no. Jesus cares about every part of you, the whole of you, and he’s the only one who can save/heal every part of you and make you whole/new. In this sense, you can truly find yourself in Jesus Christ alone.

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