Healing on the Sabbath

October 8, 2017
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Healing on the Sabbath

“Seven Signs” Series. Part 4

In this sermon we find that Jesus heals a lame man, but on the Sabbath. The connection Jesus has in mind and at heart between the healing and the Sabbath is very different from that of his accusers.

Everyone needs and is longing for rest from suffering. All suffering is the result of sin. yet, saying that suffering is the result of sin is not the same thing as saying suffering is the result of God’s punishment on/for our sin. God has already punished sin in the flesh of Jesus. Jesus has come to bring us rest—to bring us into God’s rest.

When God rested from his work of creation, it means God’s pleasure/delight/joy in and love for his creation and world. It was a world filled with his goodness and glory and love, a world made for humanity to enjoy all it’s activity in relationship with God. But humanity sinned.

Yet, God’s rest remained opened. There is a work to be completed, though, before we can enter that rest. And that work Jesus alone can finish.

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