You are a story (part 1)

November 5, 2017
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You are a story (part 1)

Dominick, Mike, and Malbert share with us their story, a story of what their life was like before they met Jesus, how they met Jesus, and finally how their life has changed since then.

In every story of God’s love and grace, there is one main theme or major plot line: we are sinners…being sought by a savior, Jesus Christ. So every sinner is saved at the same place (at the cross), by the same Savior (Jesus), in the same way (by faith united to him). But how we each arrive at faith is a different story.

As you’ll hear in these testimonies, and in the short message at the end, the main character in our story is not us, but Jesus. Yet the amazing reality is that Jesus is also the Author of our story. How, then, can the author be in his own story? Find out.

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