You are a story (part 2)

November 12, 2017
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You are a story (part 2)

Charmaine, Lena, and Shameeka share with us their story, a story of what their life was like before they met Jesus, how they met Jesus, and finally how their life has changed since then.

In a good story our emotions are moved and we’re inspired if not convicted. But even the best of stories doesn’t have the power to change us. The story of the Gospel, though, is different.

Ours is not a story of being good enough, but of being bad enough for Jesus to die for. He loved us, was patient towards us, saved us and is transforming us.

You are the storytelling of God. In and through each person God saves, Jesus is on display, not making of us excellent role-models, but rather living sketches or word pictures of his life-transforming love and power.

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